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At bali carving products .com try to make business as simple as possible
We are much aware to show customer direct to the carver house or home industry 
We just show and accompany like guide or tour leader direct to carver house ,the customer can making design direct talk with the carver 
If customer like they can making dealing directly ,bali carving just need comition  5 % from total shoping chart 
Customer can used bali carving products .com warehouse
and get free transport for shoping at bali area

bali carving products .com just help carver and help customer who love carving products art

about price, bali carving products .com trying teach our carver made better price than shop or gallery have at tourism are
our motto made better price and cheap price in better quality in wholesale 
our company will handling trucking,packing and shipping to overseas so custumer just siting on chair with instruction 
customer is king ,we are worker hard for king


Our terms for payment are simple:

For wholesale and retail orders of more than US$ 2,000 (2000 euros) : 50% payment by bank transfer at the time of order and 50% balances that is due by the time of shipping. For our banking snd transfer information, please send us an email at
For smaller retail and sample orders under US$ 2,000 (2000 euros), we require full payment in advance.
We can accept your payment for orders in Indonesian Rupiah, US Dollar or Euros.

Regular Customers:

We offer discount for container orders. For details please go to discount page.
Our regular customers enjoy special conditions and of course discounts.

Prices and terms:

Our wholesale and retail price are quoted in US-Dollars and are not FOB (Freight On Board). Our prices exclude shipping and handling charges.
Most items are displayed with their prices and minimum quantity order (when it applies). Occasionally we may have other items without prices, in this case please send us an email at with your queries.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice but will be updated on the website when they occur. In the unlikely event changes are made while your order is in process you will be notified and be able to accept or refuse any change.
If a refund has to be made due to a change which you are not in agreement with, we will make a full refund of the amount in question less any bank charges levied by the bank to transfer the money back to you.

Damaged or Missing Merchandise:

We make the effort to ensure that your onder arrives in excellent condition. If you have


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