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Our company establish because we love carving all products from bali ,love family relationship and help best carver from bali 50 carver or more  master carver  in bali succeed  get good life and famous because his products sold direct to customer ,they all have extra education like know about technology and relationship and have money enough how to promote and how to selling their products.
But still have thousand best carver not success because they don’t know how to sell his products and no enough money for rent shop for show his products and no have good friends .
Normally they live in small village, we have seen many carver in bali no have job event they have good skill how to carving well .
My company trying to help them all just find order from overseas 
We trying made community all carver products 
I will show his products personally on this website 
From all carver we getting all kinds products carving like below
"SHELL and SEASHELL  carving for jewelry and display decoration,
" BONE carving for jewelry ,statue decoration and display
" WOOD carving for statue display and all kinds
" STONE Carving for statue display decoration
" HORN carving products 
" Glass carving 
" IRON carving products

We trying show all carving products from bali

Bali carving  build from 2 october 2009
By me .IPUTU DARMAYA and my brother in law Mr KETUT NADA

I am owner of PT CASPLA BALI export import company, I am already help 150 people more worker get job every day 
Hard work  how to find job for his people every day ,i am happy help human life  
MR ketut Nada is young boy still school in STIKOM bali university for IT department 
Mr ketut trying learning many enducate about export and import with me ,I like teach him because I want his life better than me
He have good talented too and work hard so we happy work together

we have big ware house already for keep stock in future like more than 20 container ,we have area land still empty more than 3400 meter squere enough for making new warehouse in future.
So if any body like our quality control for buying bali carving products can contact us


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