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Malibu Point

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     Located on the far east of Nusa Penida, about as far as you can get from mainland Bali and is exposed to the open ocean and can experience extremely strong currents. Consequently both the hard and the soft corals are low-lying with plenty of whip corals (always a good indicator of a current-swept area). The boat journey takes about half an hour and is best done from Padangbai along Nusa Penidas north coast rather than from the south (Sanur) to avoid large swell.

Diving and what you can see at Malibu Point

     Malibu Point is usually a slow and most enjoyable drift dive along the steep slope, the topography of which is great with table corals and big bommies going to 22 m. Here you can watch schooling fusiliers, Rainbow Runners, trevallys and Red-Tooth Triggerfish, while on the reef itself you will see frogfish, nudis, Leaf scorpionfish, moray eels and so on. You will also have the opportunity to see Mola-Mola, Manta rays, and perhaps Bali's widest variety of sharks including White-tip and Black-tip reef sharks and Thresher sharks. In fact, local people and fishermen believe there is a large shark that patrols this area and guards the temple you can see from here. As Whale sharks are sometimes seen here, that may be the origin of the story.

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