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Mushroom Beach Bungalow, Villas & Spa

    Mushroom Beach Resort have 15 Balinese fully furnished resort with a spectacular view right in front of the mushroom beach. Mushroom Beach Resort served you delicious foods and refresh beverages right in our classy wooden decks with the choices of temptation menus from our secret recipes, its perfect for heaving a breakfast, lunch, and romantic sunset dinner with ocean breeze.

Swimming pool
     Blue swimming pool near from the beach while swimming you can see the beautiful sunset and sunrise.

This pool also can use for children.

Massage and Spa
     Pamper yourself with a relaxing massage, pedicure or manicure whilst everlooking the clear water of Sanghyang Bay

Mushroom Bay
   A well know place fro surfing with elegant wave fir beginners to professional surfers. This locations is safe for water sport with sandy beach. Close to surfing areas : mushroom bay, ship wrecks, lacerations, ceningan batu melawang (secret location). playgrounds. all renown for top quality waves

Banana boat
    Enjoy an exiting ride around beautiful Sanghyang Bay. Enquire at mushroom beach resort.

Other Activities available :
   Banana boat ride, diving, village tour,mangrove tour, tracking, fishing, motor bike hire, sailing, surfing, trips, konoe


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